martes, 23 de diciembre de 2008

The Queer Elite

The Dallas Voice's blog has a post with with a video where Kristin Chenoweth states her support for marriage equality. On the same day there is another post about Melissa Etheridge’s wife, Tammy Lynn Michaels, who is advocating civil unions instead of full marriage equality. What's more, Melissa Etheridge has recently had a very lovey-dovey meeting with Obama's anti-Gay pick for pastor of the presidential inauguration Rick Warren. Here is my short response.

How interesting. Apparently Queers can convince an Oklahoma Southern Baptist, Kristin Chenoweth, that we deserve the same treatment under the law as everyone else but we’re still having problems with elite Queers.

At least as far as I know Elton John, who also advocates civil unions, has never made such slimey comments such as those made by Etheridge when talking about how lovely Warren is. Through their support of back-of-the-bus civil unions it looks as though this bunch of homos is more eager to placate their friends in powerful positions rather than demand first class citizenship.

These people’s positions and statements remind me of Booker T Washington’s advocation of separate but “equal”. While we can look back upon history now and realize that this sort of treatment with minority groups is failed, Washington was too busy rubbing elbows with the Carnegies and Rockefellers to understand the importance of such issues. Your everyday African American or Gay feels the sting of inequality so much more than those that supposedly represent us in public.

In the end, sure, civil unions would be a huge step forward in getting our civil rights, but it would only be that, a step. The Gay and Lesbian civil rights movement has got to demand full equality and protection under the law, name included. Anything else would be selling ourselves short.

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Buffy dijo...

Melissa really needs to stick to music. Every time she attempts to branch out into political commentary she proves she's a complete airhead, and horrific LGBT rights advocate.