sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2008


Today a group of LGBT activists protested outside Moon's LDS bookstore on Preston Rd and Forest Ln.  Signs read, "Mormon Leadership Stole Our Rights", "Don't Confuse Your Religion With Our American Rights" and "Prop 8 = Hate".  Our message was clear that the dirty business of the leadership of the Mormon Church was hateful.  I was the proudest queer in Dallas today to see that at least a handful of LGBT activists weren't scared or ashamed enough to stay at home and not call these bigots out on their attacks against us.  

Channel 5, 8 and Univision were present at the event.  Given that 53% of Latino voters supported Prop 8 it was important for Spanish language media outlet to be present.  Although the mainstream media covered the event, the Dallas queer press was no where to be found.  After several slanderous articles in the Dallas Voice could it be that John Wright, news editor, prefers placating his friends to journalistic integrity?

The key to obtaining civil rights lies in movement building.  Salvador Allende is famous for saying, "revolution is about construction, not destruction".  It would benefit us all in the GLBT civil rights movement if a select few in the community would save their venom for our shared enemy. 

The mood today was overwhelmingly positive.  Several people passing by stopped to find out more about what we were doing and to express their solidarity with us in our fight.  People in their cars honked their horns giving thumbs up and peace signs.  The only negative remark came from an individual driving by that felt compelled to roll down his window and shout out "faggots".  How little did he know that he was shouting at the proudest faggot in Dallas that day, surrounded by new friends while unabashedly standing up for our rights.      

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