miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008

Get Involved to Stop Hate


Weeks before the passing of Proposition 8, the ballot measure to amend the California state constitution taking away marriage equality from LGBT people, the No on 8 campaign held a considerable advantage and it looked as though the LGBT community was set for victory.  As we are all now aware we were narrowly defeated on election day.

The Mormon Church's role in the passing of Proposition 8 was a key element of our defeat in California.  A week before the measure would be voted on the church's leadership called on members to devote time and money to the passing of this hatefull ballot measure.  On November 14 the New York Times reported that Mormons overwhelmingly responded to this calling and because of this effort "they tipped the scale on the ban of gay marriage".  

The Church was successful in raising some $22 million that funded a bigoted and misleading TV ad campaign.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars came from Dallas alone.  Anti-gay Mormon groups quickly formed to knock on doors and build phone banks spreading hate and fear throughout California.

Having been so viciously attacked the LGBT community must respond.  Holding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints accountable for their role in the passing of Prop 8 sends the message that we are not going to tolerate having our community publically slandered and our rights taken away from us.  We cannot give this organization nor any other organization a free pass to spread hatred against us.

Join us in a press conference/protest outside Moon's LDS bookstore at 1482 Preston Forest Square.  On Saturday, November 29 we will meet at 12:30 PM on the public space in front of the outdoor shopping mall.  Preston Forest Square is located on the north west corner of Preston Rd and Forest Ln.  Please contact Blake at lgbtliberaction@gmail.com or by calling 214-679-6321 with any questions or concerns.  

Check out Dan Savage's take on the passing of Prop 8 here on youtube!

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